Brass Section

Anzolin Fernando & Con-press S.p.a. boasts a multi-year experience in processing brass with different methods, such as sandblasting, brass-plating, pickling and degreasing. Other types of processing operations are available too, including polishing, chromium plating, nickel-plating and chemical nickel-plating. Furthermore, other treatments are available as well, such as shining, stainless steel sandblasting, lead removal and other treatments upon request.

How we work:
• Customer's project analysis
• Technical verification of feasibility
• Working cycle design with related equipment
• Development of the forging equipment, which can be used by the Customer only
• Mould size control
• Forging trial
• Sample creation
• Beginning of the series production, after obtaining the Customer's approval

Anzolin Fernando & Con-press S.p.a. operates with a certified quality management system according to the ISO 9001 standard. Raw materials come with a certification of conformity, stating they have met some specific requirements. Further certifications and/or tests can be carried out in external independent ad autonomous laboratories, upon request.