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Aluminium Section

The operations in the diecasting work are realized in full cycle or partial processing.

How we work:

- Withdrawal of the customer project.
- Feasibility technical analysis related to the weight and / or size and / or the amount of workable product.
- Studing of designed and realized tooling, molds and best equipment for the implementation.
- Development of a custom mold, unique and exclusive in our internal department.
- Sampling Realization.
- Analysis of the same, which, being in conformity will start mass production.
- Constant control of the production process.

Anzolin Fernando & Con-Press S.p.A. operates with a certified quality management system, conforming to ISO 9001: 2008. Also the raw material is accompanied by the certification of compliance with the requirements. Additional certifications and / or tests can be carried out at external laboratories, independent and autonomous, when the request is received by us.