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Raw material Brass

ottone_materia4Anzolin Fernando & Con-Press S.p.A. has always used materials comply with standards, using suppliers of certified raw materials and the consolidated business reality from the experience gained through years of mutual profitable business relationships.

All the raw material used in our work is accompanied by proper certification attesting the conformity to specifications and requirements. Testing, testing and additional certifications are made, when required, from specialist external laboratories.


The table below provides the European brass standards commonly used in the processing.


The European Committee for Standardization EN with its own Technical organ for copper and its alloys CEN / TC 133 and the corresponding UNI Italian Ente, have finally approved the following European standards for the materials referred above:

EN 12163: - Copper and copper alloys. Bars for general use.
EN 12164: - Copper and copper alloys. Bars for turning.
EN 12165: - Copper and copper alloys. Products for forging-molding, semi-finished and raw.
UNI EN 12166: - Copper and copper alloys. Wires for general use.
UNI EN 12167: - Copper and copper alloys. Profiles and rectangular bars for general purpose.
UNI EN 12168: - Copper and copper alloys. hollow bars for turning.
UNI EN 1652:     - Copper And copper alloys. Plates, sheets, strip and circles for general purposes.